Lately I’ve been wondering what it would be like to empty my life of social media and TV. Life is fast-paced  but 75 mph speeds up to an unsustainable  150 mph  with the media available to us now. And as our lives speed up it becomes easier for us to look for shortcuts in relationships to save time. Facebook is great for this. But I wonder how many more people are lonely in this world because of the social media we’ve embraced.

This is a lot like fast food. The food looks yummy, we gotta save time, so why not eat it? Never mind that it’ll clog your arteries, make you sluggish, and give you a hard attack. We’re always on the go, and we can’t wait for the healthy stuff.

I think popular music reflects our fast-paced society, as well. Have you ever noticed how busy a lot of music is now-a-days? Maybe it’s ’cause I’m a musician that I notice these things, but there’s often times so much unnecessary noise cluttering up perfectly good songs making the perfect soundtrack to our cluttered days. I go through seasons where I just have to sit and veg listening to some really mellow acoustic music… movie soundtrack music is good for vegging, too.

Sara Groves has been the mellow artist I’ve taken to listening to this past week. She’s one of those old soul musicians that doesn’t seem as interested in “keeping up with the times” and being successful as she is in releasing all the genuine thoughts and emotions she feels compelled to share with whoever happens to hear. She openly shares her longing for simplicity and reality in her songs.

Reality. Perhaps that’s the biggest link missing from our world of social media today. Yes, we can share our thoughts through words and pictures on a computer screen. But how does one confine to a screen the reality of looking into a person’s eyes and realizing in that moment that they love you? Even movies can’t make you feel the breeze blowing over a field of wild flowers. Despite all the information the internet has to share with us about the needy and the ways in which we can donate our money to them, nothing can compare to actually spending time with those who need to be loved. Pictures can’t replace their hugs and their thankful eyes.

To end this, here are some videos of Sara Groves’ journey of searching for her own simplicity and reality. Let’s be careful to not let these videos be our reality, though. Rather, let them inspire you to experience reality for yourself– the reality of loving people face to face and heart to heart. It means opening ourselves up to more pain and heartbreak, but living in reality is also the only way to know true love.